Liquid Interactive is a leader in interactive media for Web Design, CD-Rom, DVD and Digital Audio Visual Presentations. Liquid Interactive provides their clients with web hosting solutions powered by Net24. We took a moment to ask company Director, Andy Karl about his overall experience with using Net24.

Net24: Have you used a web hosting service other than Net24's?

Andy Karl: We have used a number of different host providers in the past in an effort to find the best combination of service and value. Where other host providers had offered us extremely competitive pricing they lacked the high level of service we required for our clients, definitely a matter of “you get what you pay for”. Also some host providers had a complete lack of operational systems with servers being restated in the middle of a business day with no prior notification. The worst being a “simple” patch update that did not work correctly resulting in the server (and a number of web sites) being down for a number of hours!

Net24: What made you decide to host your clients with Net24?

Andy Karl: We had known of Net24 for sometime before we started using their services, so we knew that they were not just a some new kid on the block with a couple of servers in the garage shed and a high speed connection. We investigated the services they offered and found that they provided a very comprehensive range. We spoke to others that had used their services and received some very positive feedback. From our very first contact with Net24 we knew that we would be working with a company with the skill, expertise and resources that we demand for our clients.

Net24: What do you like most about the service you receive from Net24?

Andy Karl: We enjoy the ability to communicate directly with people that are able to answer our questions quickly, efficiently and are honestly concerned about how they can help us.

Net24: Could you tell me about a particularly good experience you've had with Net24?

Andy Karl: It is very hard to pick out any one experience we have had with Net24 as being particularly good as there has been so many. We feel that one of the most consistent experiences we have with Net24 is their fast response time to our enquiries and requests. We have and a number of last minute, Friday afternoon requests from our clients, resulting in high stress levels and some quick phone calls to Net24 to either setup a new site with any number of special requirements or modify DNS servers. In these situations it’s good to know that we are working with a company that demonstrates the same high level of service that our clients expect of us.

Net24: Would you recommend Net24 to another person? What would you tell them?

Andy Karl: We have no problem recommending Net24 to any one who is looking to build a strong relationship with a professional host provider offering great service, support and technical security. In an environment where there are so many “Cowboys” offering hosting services, we feel confident that we can recommend Net24 to anyone knowing that they will receive the same level of service that we have had.

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