iTICKET is an innovative online event ticketing service allowing promoters and event organisers an efficient and cost effective way to sell tickets to their event. We took a moment to ask iTICKET IT Manager, Reece Preston about his overall experience with using Net24.

Net24: Have you used a web hosting service other than Net24's?

Reece Preston: Yes. They were a great company as far as service went, but their server performance started to degrade and they didn't keep ahead of the game. Consequently, our site started to get errors from timeouts which was not acceptable to us. We were told that it was a shared environment and that's how it was. However, I still believe it was a server performance issue causing problems. They have now told us that new servers are going in, but that's too late for us.

Already we are seeing very noticeable increases in speed in browsing our website. Some sections are very database heavy, yet Net24 servers cope remarkably and consistently well with processing these pages. I would expect that Net24 would be proactive in dealing with upgrades to servers and network equipment to allow them to always be out front of the competition.

Net24: What made you decide to host your clients with Net24?

Reece Preston: Primarily, it was the SQL2000 database service. The fact that Net24 differentiates their SQL server to "web hosting" confirms to me they know what they're doing and don't lump database and web hosting in the same basket. Due to the speed increase we saw with that service, we made the decision to move our whole website to Net24. Technical knowledge in all areas has been great and reps have always been able to assist in any area, whether easy or complex.

Net24: What do you like most about the service you receive from Net24?

Reece Preston: The fact the reps know what they're talking about and action things quickly. As an online service, iTICKET needs to be online 24/7 and having the resources at Net24 allows us to do this with ease.

Reece Preston: Could you tell me about a particularly good experience you've had with Net24?

Andy Karl: In our initial move to Net24, we needed to take our website offline in order to move the SQL database. This meant a stop to ALL ticket sales during this process. Net24 were on hand for that whole process to restore our database backup and make quick tweaks in order for us to have our website back online within 20 minutes.

Net24: Would you recommend Net24 to another person? What would you tell them?

Reece Preston: Absolutely, and have actually already done so.

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