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Net24 has hosted several of our external sites, databases and web applications for a number of years. They are very easy to contact and have always been incredibly understanding of our needs as our online presence has developed. They are a good fit for us and we enjoy an excellent working relationship with them.

Richard Burdes, Web Coordinator

Liquid Interactive

We had known of Net24 for sometime before we started using their services, so we knew that they were not just a some new kid on the block with a couple of servers in the garage shed and a high speed connection. We investigated the services they offered and found that they provided a very comprehensive range. We spoke to others that had used their services and received some very positive feedback. From our very first contact with Net24 we knew that we would be working with a company with the skill, expertise and resources that we demand for our clients.

Andy Karl, Director

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The fact that Net24 differentiates their SQL server to "web hosting" confirms to me they know what they're doing and don't lump database and web hosting in the same basket. Due to the speed increase we saw with that service, we made the decision to move our whole website to Net24. Technical knowledge in all areas has been great and reps have always been able to assist in any area, whether easy or complex.

Reece Preston, IT Manager

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