In 2009, Net24 opened its new state-of-the-art, high density datacentre to facilitate the continued growth of its Christchurch operation. The datacentre was designed to provide security and scalability, whilst reducing the overall operating costs and increasing environmental efficiency by choosing the latest power, cooling and server technologies.

The Net24 Difference

  • Net24 operates a private datacentre, providing the highest possible level of access security.
  • Net24 monitors the datacentre facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.
  • Only authorised Net24 engineering personnel and management have physical access to the datacentre. If contractors are required to carry out work, Net24 will ensure these contractors are escorted at all times, either by an authorised Net24 employee or an Armourguard security guard.

Facts At A Glance

  • Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Physical Size: 1500 ft2
  • Datacentre Tier Rating: 3+
  • Server Capacity: 1000

Datacentre Security

  • Private Datacentre - invited, escorted access only.
  • No signage, nondescript building.
  • Single entry and exit point, using biometric devices and man-trap access.
  • Network cameras monitoring and recording all movement - no blind spots.
  • Perimeter fencing encompasses the datacentre with CCV (closed circuit video) surveillance cameras recording all entry/exit points and open areas.
  • First Security patrols nightly at random times to ensure the location remains secure. After hours access to the location is via keypad entry only.


  • Fully redundant architecture utilising dual Cisco 6500 core switches.
  • Fully redundant FortiGate appliances for network security.
  • Multiple POEs (Point of Entry) for fibre using Border Gateway Protocol (BGP4) core routing to eliminate network downtime.
  • Independent networks for backups, management and public services ensure the highest levels of security and performance by segregating traffic on physically separate networks.
  • 99.99% Core Network Service Level Agreement.

Power Systems

  • Segregated fire-rated power room, independent biometric access.
  • Custom designed and engineered main switchboard with dual A + B (2N) power supply and integrated ASCO automatic transfer switch (mains/generator).
  • Olympus auto-start diesel generator, serviced and load tested monthly with 72 hour on site diesel storage.
  • Dual A + B (2N) power feeds to A + B (2N) UPS's.
  • Dual A + B (2N) metered and monitored PDU's (Power Distribution Units) in each 19' cabinet.

Fire Systems

  • Dual monitored VESDA (very early smoke detection apparatus) system with 3-stage alarms.
  • In-house carbon dioxide extinguishers.
  • Monitored internally and by Chubb with backup radio link.
  • Christchurch Fire Brigade less than 1km away.


  • Fully redundant APC InRow RC cooling chiller units, each running independent fans, piped with leak-proof PEX piping and fed via external redundant chiller units, both with 500 litre storage tanks.

Environmental Controls

  • Man trap access to datacentre to control ambient temperature.
  • Multiple sensors to monitor and control:
  • Cold Aisle Rack Inlet Temperature: 18-22° C
  • Hot Aisle Containment Area: < 40° C
  • Datacentre Humidity: 30-60% RH

Cloud Powered Hosting

Websites are served from a cluster of powerful servers for exceptional performance and uptime.

Uptime Guarantee

Network & server uptime is guaranteed with comprehensive Service Level Agreements.

New Zealand Support

Email or call us toll-free for friendly and knowledgeable assistance you can depend upon.